New York State Dispute Resolution Association, Inc.
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About Us

Founded in 1985, the New York State Dispute Resolution Association (NYSDRA) is a not-for-profit association, serving the needs of the dispute resolution field and of consumers seeking quality conflict management.  Our members include Community Dispute Resolution Centers (CDRC), individual practitioners, conflict management professionals and others who are dedicated to advancing the field and their own skills. We lead the profession by setting high standards and providing outstanding service to our professional members. Our unique organizational structure is viewed as a national model in the field.

NYSDRA manages several consumer mediation and arbitration programs for state and government agencies. Customized services are provided through our statewide membership of CDRCs and private practitioners. 

Our members provide various methods of dispute resolution to help people manage disputes and conflicts within organizations, families, schools, neighborhoods and businesses, as well as cases referred from the civil and criminal justice systems. Among the methods of dispute resolution are mediation, arbitration, facilitation, and negotiation.

Our Mission
The New York State Dispute Resolution Association, Inc. (NYSDRA) is a private not-for-profit professional membership organization committed to the promotion of quality conflict management and peaceful dispute resolution. Through leadership, education, promotion of professional standards and training, and development of innovative statewide programs, NYSDRA provides opportunities for people, communities, organizations and businesses to respond effectively to conflict.

NYSDRA Annual Report
2012-2013 Annual Report