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Apprenticeship Program
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Apprenticeship Program

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When: 11/2/2015
12-week program starts Nov. 2, 2015
Where: New York Peace Institute
Brooklyn / Manhattan, NY
Contact: Christina Dizon
(212) 577-1740 x113

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The New York Peace Institute Apprenticeship is a structured hands-on learning experience that blends classroom instruction with case observation and real mediation. This program will give you the chance to try out your mediation skills, figure out what’s working and what’s not, and get the support you need to feel confident in your abilities to mediate with clients.

Our Program is approved by New York State’s Office of Alternative Dispute Resolution and Court Improvement Programs and is geared toward recruiting a diverse and qualified cadre of Community Dispute Resolution Center Program volunteer mediators. In other words, our goal is to train, develop, and support individuals who are passionate about mediation and interested in volunteering in our mediation centers. We also support the learning and development of individuals who may not plan to become volunteers with our centers, though we strongly encourage all apprentices to volunteer with us.

Upcoming Programs

Fall Session: begins week of Nov. 2, 2015*

*The classroom portion of the program runs for 12 consecutive weeks. Individuals will continue to work through the self-directed portion of the program in the months that follow. See the program requirements below for complete details. Classes are also subject to be rescheduled due to holidays or events.



If you’re applying for a scholarship, submit only the Diversity Scholarship Application.

New York Peace Institute’s Diversity Scholarship is committed to building a representative mediator pool that reflects the diversity of our clients. Scholarships are open to applicants who are in financial need and represent racial and ethnic diversity.

We consider the following factors:

  • Financial need, in particular those who are low-income and who have experienced economic obstacles to educational opportunities.
  • Racial and/or ethnic diversity. We hope to build a mediator pool that reflects the incredible diversity of New York and the different communities across the city
  • New York City residency.

Application Deadlines

Summer applications due: June 10, 2015

New York Peace Institute accepts applications on a rolling basis up until the application deadline.

General public: $1350
New York Peace Institute trainees: $850*
Video Evaluation and Coaching Fee: $65**

*Discounted rate is available to individuals who completed the New York Peace Institute’s Basic Mediation Training.
**This fee covers the cost of your Apprenticeship Video Evaluation and its related coaching, which is required to be an approved mediator with New York Peace Institute.

Who’s Eligible to Apply?
In order to apply for New York Peace Institute’s Apprenticeship Program individuals must have completed a minimum of 30 hours of Basic Mediation Training within the past 5 years.

Individuals who completed their training with New York Peace Institute or elsewhere with an ADRCIP-Certified trainer are eligible to apply directly to our Apprenticeship.

Individuals who did not complete their training with a certified-trainer are eligible to apply; however, before you can be accepted into the program, we would need to apply for a waiver from the Unified Court System on your behalf. This process can take up to 8 weeks to complete. Details are available in the FAQs on the Apprenticeship Program page of our website. Follow the link to determine whether you completed your basic training with an ADRCIP-certified trainer.

About Our Application Process
New York Peace Institute reviews applications on a rolling basis. Selected individuals may be invited to participate in an applicant interview with a member of our training team to discuss their interest in the program, their eligibility, and their availability.

Due to limited capacity, New York Peace Institute cannot accept all applicants into our program. Individuals who are not accepted into the program may reapply in the future or may choose to apply for apprenticeship programs at other community dispute resolution centers.

Program Requirements:

The Apprenticeship Program has a classroom learning portion and aself-directed portion, and there are 7 requirements apprentices must meet in order to complete the Program.  They include:
1.  Complete the 12-week classroom portion of the program
2.   Attend one mid-point Apprenticeship meeting (online)
3.   Attend one video evaluation preparation meeting
4.  Observe one mediation session involving an actual controversy between actual parties
5.  Co-mediate or mediate 5 actual cases under direct supervision
6.  Participate in 2 video role plays
7.  Participate in a video evaluation, which will be used to assess whether an individual is eligible to join the roster of approved volunteer mediators with the New York Peace Institute.*

*Please note that successful completion of the video evaluation process is necessary to obtain approval and eventual certification as a Community Dispute Resolution Center Program mediator with the New York Peace Institute.

Requirement 1: Complete the 12-week classroom portion of the program
One part of the Apprenticeship Program is the 12 weeks of classroom learning. During these weeks apprentices meet in small groups, made up of 3-4 people, under the guidance of a Mentor Mediator. Groups meet once a week for 2.5 hours at the same day and time to examine different mediation concepts and skills, such as delivering an opening statement, active listening, asking open-ended questions, and agreement writing. Participants will be familiar with these concepts from the Basic Mediation Training, and the Apprenticeship provides an opportunity to delve deeper into each of these areas. The classroom portion of the program is designed to give apprentices the opportunity to further develop and practice their skills in a controlled environment using role play, discussion, and video observation. The small group setup lends itself to informal discussion and allows mentors to work closely with apprentices to determine what skill areas need to be addressed each week. Apprentices may also have the opportunity to observe, mediate, or co-mediate actual cases during their weekly group sessions.

Two additional required meetings will be scheduled during the first 12 weeks of the program: a mid-point meeting and a video evaluation preparation meeting. Apprentices must attend both of these meetings and there will be two opportunities to attend both in order to accommodate scheduling needs.

Requirement 2: Attend one mid-point Apprenticeship meeting (online)

Requirement 3: Attend one video evaluation preparation meeting
The first meeting, the midpoint meeting, is designed as a check-in with apprentices to identify how the program is going and how individuals are progressing. The second meeting, the video evaluation preparation meeting, is used to help prepare apprentices to take their video evaluation to become approved New York Peace Institute volunteer mediators. These sessions are required and they’ve proven to be great opportunities for individuals to support one another. For participants who trained together in the basic mediation training, these sessions are an ideal time for people to reconnect with fellow trainees.

Another part of the Apprenticeship Program is the self-directed portion, which will begin during the 12 weeks of classroom instruction and continue on afterward. Unlike the classroom portion of the Program, which has a defined beginning and end date set by New York Peace Institute, the timeframe for individuals to complete the self-directed requirements is more open-ended.

In particular, participants must take their video evaluations within 3 months of completing the classroom portion of the Program, however, there is no specific deadline by which individuals must complete the 5 case requirement or participate in 2 video role plays – this is up to each participant to determine. While there is no time limit on the Apprenticeship Program, the Peace Institute requires apprentices and volunteer mediators to co-mediate a minimum of three cases each year in order to remain on active status. Additionally, all mediators must fulfill all of the requirements of the Apprenticeship Program in order to be eligible for certification.

How long it takes people to co-mediate or mediate 5 cases with an approved mediator, and participate in the video role plays will depend upon their own availability and flexibility, the number of cases available at the Centers, as well as one’s personal goals to complete the Program.

Requirement 4: Observe one mediation session involving an actual controversy between actual parties 
Once the Apprenticeship begins all apprentices are able to sign up to observe cases at our Manhattan and Brooklyn Mediation Centers, and all apprentices must observe at least one mediation session involving an actual controversy between actual parties. Case observation is a key learning tool and we encourage all apprentices to observe cases upon entering the program. Cases are scheduled during the day Monday through Friday at our Manhattan and Brooklyn Centers and in the evening Monday through Wednesday. It is also possible that apprentices will have the chance to observe actual cases during the weekly classroom sessions.

Requirement 5: Co-mediate or mediate 5 actual cases under direct supervision 
Individuals are responsible for mediating or co-mediating at least five cases involving actual controversies between actual parties under the direct supervision of a coach, mentor, or staff-person.Real cases may be scheduled during the 12 weeks of classroom time, which means that apprentices may have the chance to co-mediate and observe real cases during their weekly apprenticeship groups. New York Peace Institute makes every effort to schedule actual cases during weekly apprenticeship groups; however, due to the voluntary nature of mediation and the inability to predict whether clients will show up for mediation, the Peace Institute cannot guarantee whether or not, or how frequently apprentices will see actual cases in their weekly classroom groups.

Six weeks into the classroom portion of the Program, each apprentice will be assessed by his/her Mentor Mediator. The assessment is used to determine an apprentice’s readiness to co-mediate with a New York Peace Institute Approved Mediator outside of the weekly classroom sessions. If an apprentice is deemed ready s/he will be able to sign up to co-mediate cases with an Approved Mediator. This provides an additional opportunity to co-mediate actual cases while continuing work on the classroom portion of the Program. After the twelve weeks of the classroom portion of the Program are complete, all apprentices are eligible to co-mediate with an Approved Mediator. Apprentices will receive direct supervision by debriefing their co-mediations with their mentors in order to ensure continued learning and growth.

Requirement 6: Participate in 2 video role plays 
Apprentices must also participate in two video evaluation role playsoutside of their regularly scheduled classroom time. Apprentices can sign up to role play during and after the 12 week classroom portion, and apprentices will sign up based on their own availability. Apprentices will play the role of one of the parties in a conflict and will have the opportunity to see the video evaluation process in motion. This is a great learning opportunity for individuals and we find that when people play the role of a party in a video evaluation it lowers their anxiety later in the process when they are being evaluated – it’s like having a behind-the-scenes peek at the evaluation process.

Requirement 7: Participate in a video evaluation, which will be used to assess whether an individual is eligible to join the roster of approved volunteer mediators with the Peace Institute
Individuals are also required to take a video evaluation as part of the Apprenticeship Program,which will be used to assess whether an individual is eligible to join the roster of approved volunteer mediators with the Peace Institute. This evaluation is designed to give individuals the chance to demonstrate their mediation skills during an hour-long mediation role play. This role play is recorded and evaluated by trained New York Peace Institute Video Evaluators.

Apprentices must take their video evaluation within three months of completing the 12-week classroom portion of the Apprenticeship Program in order to meet the Apprenticeship requirement. Individuals have 2 opportunities to pass the evaluation and become an Approved New York Peace Institute mediator. This evaluation is the capstone of our program and helps ensure quality and consistency in our mediator pool, and also gives those being evaluated an opportunity to receive expert feedback to strengthen their skills.

Buzz about the Apprenticeship Program:
“The expertise, support and hands-on approach of the New York Peace Institute’s Mediation Apprenticeship Program’s mentors afforded me the ability to transition from mediation theory and concept to actual practice. Furthermore, the Program’s small group setting fostered an atmosphere conducive to building confidence as much as skills. The Institute itself is administrated by forward-thinking professionals dedicated not only to promoting peace in the community but to providing the highest quality training possible, as well. In sum, I eagerly recommend the New York Peace Institute’s Mediation Apprenticeship Program to anyone interested in moving beyond basic mediation training or honing already existing skills.” 
~ Mallory J. Stevens, LLC

Get in touch with us:
Questions? Contact Christina Dizon at

Disability Accommodation:

If you are an individual with a disability and need an accommodation to participate in training you may make a request on training registration forms (available on our website), in another written format, or orally.  The Training Director will contact you directly to discuss your request.  If you have questions regarding our disability accommodation request process please contact Christina Dizon at or at (212) 577-1740 x113.

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