New York State Dispute Resolution Association, Inc.
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Professional Development

NYSDRA understands the importance of professional development to improve skills and advance one’s career in dispute resolution and conflict management. As a statewide membership organization our organization serves as a leader in its efforts to promote high standards and improve the quality of service offered by practitioners and organization. NYSDRA provides trainings and resources to help individuals acquire the tools they need to excel as a professional.

Training Events: NYSDRA offers training opportunities to meet the needs of a diverse dispute resolution field. Our events provide a unique learning experience by quality trainers.

Mediator Standards: The NYSDRA Mediator Standards of Practice (Standards) are being promulgated to serve as a practical guide for mediators, to provide information to the general public, and to further the professional development of quality mediation services in New York State. The Standards are intended to be an evolving compendium that will expand as the practice of mediation develops in New York State, and as certification becomes available for advanced and specialized mediation practice.