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UPDATE: NYSDRA's Response to COVID-19

Thursday, March 26, 2020  
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The New York State Dispute Resolution Association (NYSDRA) is committed to serving our members, partners, and communities throughout New York State, particularly in these turbulent times. 

The NYSDRA Team is now working remotely, in compliance with health and government directives.  We are fully connected, operational, and our work supporting the Community Dispute Resolution Centers, independent members, and promoting quality conflict management continues.

The need for skillful and effective response to conflict is acute.  NYSDRA will continue managing its statewide contract programs, and is working with the network of practitioners, partners, and the Community Dispute Resolution Centers (CDRCs) as they adapt to remote service. 

CDRCs are adjusting quickly to maintain service continuity and respond to emerging needs, such as critical changes to parenting plans and family care/decision-making conflicts, through mediation and a range of conflict resolution services through video/phone access.  

The CDRCs--always an important community resource--are now vital, as communities across the state respond to conflicts and issues that the current health crisis presents. 

The ideal, “Think globally, act locally,” once aspirational, is now essential.  Together we can meet this challenge. 

For services, referrals, or questions please contact:

Regina Ritcey
NYSDRA Executive Director