Agricultural Mediation
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What types of issues can be resolved under the New York State Agricultural Mediation Program (NYSAMP)?
  • Loans or debts
  • Right to farm complaints
  • Neighbor complaints
  • Labor problems
  • Landlord/tenant disputes
  • USDA appeals (see below)

Mediation is also useful to farm families facing difficulties or planning needs involving:

  • Separation and divorce
  • Siblings/in-law out-law
  • Finance and business planning
  • Elder care and planning
  • Unpaid bills/loan restructuring
  • Small claims and credit
  • Family farm succession and transfers

The USDA has recognized the right of farmers and producers to use mediation to appeal an adverse determination such as: 

  • Agricultural loans and loan-servicing, including FSA loans
  • Rural Development loan and loan servicing, including single and multifamily housing
  • Wetland determinations
  • Grazing on national forest
  • System lands
  • Conservation compliance
  • Crop insurance
  • Pesticide applications 
  • Other agriculture-related topics. 

For more information:
Find a CDRC, call the NYSAMP toll free number: (866) 669-7267, or email Claudia Kenny, NYSAMP Director, at

Additional resources:
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New York FarmNet  
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NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets  
Cornell Cooperative Extension

USDA offices:
Farm Services Agency
Rural Development
Natural Resources Conservation Service