Early Intervention Mediation
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Early Intervention Mediation (Birth to Age 3) 


The Early Intervention Mediation Program was established in 1993 to provide services for infants and toddlers, ages 0-3 years old, with developmental delay or disabilities and their families.

Title II-A of Article 25 of the Public Health Law established the right of a parent who disagrees with the determination of an evaluator or Early Intervention official to mediation and or an impartial hearing to resolve their dispute.

Disagree with a determination or delivery of services? 

The mediation program is designed to help early intervention program participants create options for resolving disputes surrounding

  • Eligibility determination,
  • Delivery of services to the child, and/or
  • To improve communication between parents and early intervention personnel.

Mediation is a voluntary process under Part C of the IDEA that brings people together to resolve disagreements. An impartial, qualified and trained mediator helps participants communicate with each other so that everyone has an opportunity to express concerns and offer solutions. The following items are important to remember and are discussed further in this document:

What is Mediation? 
  • You can request mediation at any time to resolve disagreements.
  • All participants must agree to participate for mediation to happen.
  • The focus is on resolving disagreements and working toward a solution that satisfies all participants.
  • The goal is to find a solution that meets the needs of the child and family to which all parties can agree. If a dispute is resolved through the mediation process, a written and legally binding agreement is created and signed.
  • The mediator does not make decisions. All participants must agree to any decision.
  • Mediation discussions are confidential. What is said in mediation cannot be used as evidence in a due process hearing or civil lawsuit.
  • Mediation is voluntary so participants may leave mediation at any time.

NYSDRA has contracted with the Department of Health to mediate these conflicts through the statewide network of CDRCs so disputes of this nature can be dealt with promptly and conveniently.

For more information

Contact NYSDRA at info@nysdra.org or reach out to your local Community Dispute Resolution Center. 

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