Standards of Practice
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NYSDRA's Ethics and Standards Committee adopted the "Model Standards of Conduct for Mediators" prepared jointly by the American Arbitration Association, American Bar Association, and the Association for Conflict Resolution.
It serves as a practical guide for mediators to further the professional development of quality mediation services throughout New York State.


Mediation is used to resolve a broad range of conflicts within a variety of
settings. These Standards are designed to serve as fundamental ethical
guidelines for persons mediating in all practice contexts.

They serve three primary goals:

1. To guide the conduct of mediators;

2. To inform the mediating parties; and

3. To promote public confidence in mediation as a process for resolving

Mediation is a process in which an impartial third party facilitates
communication and negotiation and promotes voluntary decision making by the
parties to the dispute.

Mediation serves various purposes, including providing the opportunity for
parties to define and clarify issues, understand different perspectives, identify
interests, explore and assess possible solutions, and reach mutually satisfactory
agreements, when desired.