Vocational Rehabilitation Mediation (ACCES-VR)
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ACCES-VR Mediation 

Better Outcomes through Better Conversations 

  (What Can You Do? Campaign for Disability Employment)

Have an issue or disagreement about your ACCES-VR services?

Since 1999, the Office of Adult Career and Continuing Education Services-Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES-VR) has contracted with NYSDRA to provide mediation services when there are disagreements between vocational rehabilitation applicants and ACCES-VR personnel regarding decisions about services that affect them.

What to Expect 

Mediation is a confidential process that brings together the consumer and an ACCES-VR representative to share concerns and points of disagreement. An impartial, qualified mediator facilitates the discussion. Each person will have an equal opportunity to express viewpoints and concerns. Possible resolutions, within federal and state regulations, will be explored. In many cases,the mediator is able to help develop a solution that is acceptable to both parties in a way that:

  • Allows all concerns to be addressed
  • Builds trust and improves communication
  • Explores creative solutions
  • Gives everyone a chance to have an equal say in all decisions

Mediation is neutral and voluntary for you and for ACCES-VR. 

Request A Mediation 

1. Request for Mediation Form  (Select Mediation) 

Request a mediation by filling out this form and contacting your local district office or a Community Dispute Resolution Center in your area.

2. A mediation will be scheduled within 14 days of the request, at a time and place good for everyone. The Community Center can schedule the mediation session or the ACCES-VR District Office can do so, whichever you feel comfortable with. 

3. During the session the mediator will help you and the ACCES-VR representative to work together and come to an agreement on how to solve the problem.

Contact us!

Contact your local Community Dispute Resolution Center or contact NYSDRA's Disability Mediation Programs Coordinator at disabilityprograms@nysdra.org

Learn More here: ACCES-VR Brochure "Better Outcomes through Better Conversations"


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