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Vocational Rehabilitation Mediation (ACCES-VR)
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Since 1999, the Office of Adult Career and Continuing Education Services-Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES-VR) has contracted with NYSDRA to provide mediation services when there are disagreements between vocational rehabilitation applicants and ACCES-VR personnel regarding decisions about services that affect them.

The program is designed so that there are three options available to applicants to resolve their
complaint: (1) administrative review, (2) mediation, or (3) impartial hearing. Individuals receiving vocational rehabilitation services may request mediation within the limits of the law when they inform ACCES-VR in writing of their dissatisfaction with an ACCES-VR decision.


For more information:
Find a CDRC or contact NYSDRA at (518) 687-2240 ext. 11

CeCe Horbat,

Disability Mediation Programs Coordinator

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